5 Major Misconceptions about Online Slot Gaming

In the past several years there are many misconceptions and myths about slot machines have made people doubt online platforms. On one hand, online platforms are well known for their fair gameplay and benefits. On the other hand, people have many misconceptions about online SBOBET ทางเข้า. Let’s take a look at 5 major misconceptions about the online slot gaming industry which do not exist.

1.    The Chances of Hitting the Jackpot for the Second Time Is Almost Impossible

One of the major misconceptions about online slots is that if a slot has just paid a jackpot you will not be able to win another jackpot for some time. However, the myth is completely wrong because the randomness of your winning chances is completely dependent on your luck.

It is fully controlled by a program known as a random number generator. It is specially used to provide a fair result to the user. So you do not have to worry about getting into any trouble of not winning the jackpot.

2.    Online Slots Are Not Fair

Gamblers who gamble in a land-based casino often think that online slots are not fair as compared to physical slot machines. Both platforms use random number generator programs so it is also impossible to cheat on online platforms as well. Both programs decide payout out of millions of different possibilities.

The land-based casino uses a physical random number generator. While the online platform uses a software-based random number generator. They are completely integrated with the artificial intelligence of the program to enhance your gaming experience.

3.    Slot Machines Pay More at A Particular Period

Machine variables and numbers depend on how their program works. It does not update or have any kind of effect at a particular time. You do not have to worry about a fixed timing to play these slot games. You can access them whenever and wherever you want without worrying about any kind of chances.

One of the major benefits of the online platform is that you can easily access these games at any time. They do not get closed as land-based casinos. You can even access them in the middle of the night.

4.    Autoplay Feature Does Not Let You Win the Game

Online platforms allow you to use auto-play features which let you freely roam here and there without worrying about spinning the reel. The myth about this feature is also completely wrong because there is no particular effect of using auto-play or manual features. You can freely use both of them without concerning about their outcomes.

5.    All Slots Pay Out the Same

Every slot machine comes with a different return to the player and a payout percentage. For a better gaming experience or the highest winning percentage, you must only choose a slot machine with a higher return to the player. All slot payouts are not the same so this is also a misconception that leads to several disappointments.


These are some of the greater misconceptions about online slot gaming. However, online platforms are one of the most secure platforms to play these games. Not only do these platforms provide you with greater privacy but also you do not have to leave your comfort zone to play on these slot machines.

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